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Jan 30 2015

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan, is a homonymous cartoon adapted from the comic of いさやま はじめ. It mainly tells about that human in the wall attacking against the titan for their existence.

Attack on Titan

In 743, the titan, human’s natural enemy, appeared in the world suddenly. The remaining people escaped to a place and built up three huge walls because of the dangerous existence. People enjoyed three-year’s peace in the closed environment but sacrificed their freedom. When Eren Jäger Jaeger was ten years old, an ultra-large titan appeared and destroyed the wall by the overwhelming power, then disappeared in a second. After that, the other titans rushed in the wall, caught and fed on the human.

Eren swore that to kill all titans because his mother’s death by titan. His mind was full of hate. Two years after the destruction of the walls, Eren joined the 104th Training Army to study skills about fighting with titans. During the three years in Training Army, Eren had doughty mentality like no others. Though seeing the hell, Eren fought with titans without any hestitation. As a result, he became a member of Survey Army which he had expected for long.

If you are crazy about Attack on Titan, it’s better to have a look at Lovejoynet.:)

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Jan 26 2015

Classic Lolita

Classic Lolita is major in simple, restful color schemes like beige and white to express elegant mind. Classic Lolita reduces lace but has more ruffle.

1月26日 (4)

Quite as its name, Classic Lolita is the most elegant in Lolita costume. It is designed as a not only classic and elegant but also cute and naïve royal girl in 19th century’s Britain.

 1月26日 (1)

The characteristic of Classic Lolita is more concise than simple. As the result of simple, decent, elegant design, Classic Lolita is more suitable for daily dressing and being accepted by parents and public. When girls are bored with the exaggerated Sweet Lolita and the unusual Gothic Lolita, the Classic Lolita becomes their best choose automatically,

 1月26日 (2)

Interestingly, who can express the lingering charm of Classic Lolita are not young and active school girls, but those young ladies with calm temperament because of working and experience. So in the real society, people who can combine young and temperament perfectly are really numbered.

 1月26日 (3)

By the way, Lolita is different from Cos play. The former represents attitudes of life while the latter pays more attention in role modeling.

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Jan 24 2015

Let’s DIY a Cherry

Sometimes you will be boring at home. How about DIY a cherry?

1月24日-1 (2)

Look at this lovely cherry, do it yourself!

1月24日-1 (1)

Prepare some pink square papers and some branches.

1月24日-1 (3)

1.Fold in a half.

1月24日-1 (4)

2.Fold to make a crease and fold back.

1月24日-1 (5)

3.Fold to make a crease and fold back.

1月24日-1 (6)

4.Fold to meet the red star.

1月24日-1 (7)

5.Fold in the dotted line.

1月24日-1 (8)

6.Fold in the dotted line.

1月24日-1 (9)

7.Fold backmard in the dotted line.

1月24日-1 (10)

8.Cut it with scissors.

1月24日-1 (11)


1月24日-1 (12)

10.Fold in the dotted line.

1月24日-1 (13)

11.Fold backward in the dotted line.

1月24日-1 (14)

12.Fold in the dotted line.

1月24日-1 (15)


1月24日-1 (16)

14.Turn over.

1月24日-1 (17)

15.Shape is straightened.

It crushes.

1月24日-1 (18)

16.Turn over.

1月24日-1 (19)



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Jan 23 2015

My Pink You

“Hey, do you know it?”

“The color of my world is no more than black and white before your coming.”

“Everything is just as what it should be.”

“No mess.”

1578 (1)

“Why will you appear in my world?”

“The pink you,”

“such a different you,”

“I don’t know why,”

“Why my world becomes to a mess when you walks in front of me.”


“I’m lost in anguish.”

“Because, because the painting style is totally different between you and me.”

“But you try your best, to make the pink you integrate into my black and white world.”


“My pink,”

“You don’t have to.”

“Because the pink you,”

“make my world, colorful.”


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Jan 23 2015

Gothic Lolita

Moi-même-Moitié is the most famous brand of Gothic Lolita in the world. Malice Mizer band created it in 1999 including Elegant Gothic Lolita(EGL)and Elegant Gothic Aristocrat(EGA).

 1月23日-2 (12)

The main color of Gothic Lolita is black and white to the purpose of expressing the feeling of mysterious horror and death. Generally, Gothic Lolita uses cross silverware as decorations. Meanwhile, such things as black fingernail, eye shadow and lip color are used to emphasize mystery. The point is that, Gothic Lolita, which is to totally different from Gothic, not only has the feeling of Gothic, but also gives the public the feeling of pretty and naive as an unusual little devil.

 1月23日-2 (1)

What attract girls most are the theme of Gothic Lolita-Horror, Naivete, Mystery, Desperation, Gloom, Death and Taboo.

 1月23日-2 (13)

Elegant Gothic Lolita(EGL), designed to the orientation of Classic Lolita, has a little bit more feeling of vampire.

 1月23日-2 (7)

When it comes to Elegant Gothic Aristocrat(EGA), mostly it includes Men’s clothing, long skirt, trousers, blouse with buttons in the collar and overcoat.

 1月23日-2 (14)

What has to pay more attention is that Black Lolita is sweet style rather than Gothic style. Sweet Lolita also could be black&white or black. Black Lolita is a kind of cozy, kind and girlish Lolita with light color cosmetic and lovely decorations. To the contrary, Gothic Lolita is distinct in expressing the sense of death, horror and mystery rather then sweet. As a result, Gothic Lolita use dark color cosmetic.

 1月23日-2 (17)

Next time I will introduce Classic Lolita for you!:)

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Jan 22 2015

Dreaming Twins

Shining as the star in the night sky, curing as the dessert in the brilliant sunshine.

They are sweet; they are fragrant; also close to our breath.


Wearing sweet Lolita costume, Dreaming Twins looks quite lovely. They prefer blue and pink colors to give not only themselves but also us a sense of relaxation.

软文1 (1)

  Blue Lolita dresses make us feel pleasant. Designers always use bowknots as decorations which attract lots of girls being crazy about it.

软文1 (4)

  Pink Lolita dresses make us feel comfortable. The color pink, is the beginning of each girl. The color pink, is the softest part of each man. When girls are going to the bed, the will pray sincerely that, wish I have a pink dream tonight!

软文1 (2)

  Dreaming Twins are also good at face-painting. Totally different from the daily making up, sweet Lolita face-painting also has the sense of candy. You can use bright lipstick to make your mouth like little cherry. You can use pink eye shadow to make your eyes more charming. You even can use sequins to make your face more elegant.

软文1 (3)

  Dreaming Twins’ costumes represent the style of Sweet Love Lolita, which uses pink, blue and white lace to create the impression of dolly girls. Sweet Love Lolita is not so exaggerated that easily being accepted by public. There are also another two kinds of Lolita Styles, Elegant Gothic Lolita and Classic Lolita. Lately, I will introduce them for you. :)

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Jan 13 2015


Have you ever made a DIY  Lolita  bow  for your sister or lover? If  your answer is  ‘no, I am unable to make it ’, just follow us and read on to find out the simple way to make it for your loved people.

DIY Bow (1)

At first, you need prepare a piece of cloth, two ribbons and a beautiful crystal bead. The color and the length just depend on your interests, however, you need pay attention to the width.Next, folded the cloth and make the both sides aligned.

DIY Bow (2)

Thirdly, find out a line to bow the cloth and make the both sides equal.Then, we need to deal with the ribbon. Make sure the ribbon both sides are even,cross the left side are over the top and loop around and pull tight.

DIY Bow (3)

After that, you need tuck the right side under the left loop, and push it through the hole, just to make another loop. When we make the ribbon, put the cloth which we just made firstly into the hole we make.Finally, stick the crystal bead to the bow tightly.DIY Bow (4)DIY Bow (5)

OK, can you believe in these easy steps we just make a perfect bow, and you can tell you neighborhood to make it together.

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Jan 12 2015

Lolita History and Introduction

“Lolia” originated in a movie named 《Lolita》,and then spread to Japan.But it upended the original character style,change it into another style,it more prefer to show the cute and dignified of girls with strong sense of doll dress.
However Lolita Fashion is totally different from Cosplay. Cosplay pay attention to role playing,but to Lolita is totally different.The core is to performance girl’s cute and elegant.
And Lolita Fashion can be divided into three parts.There are Sweet Lolita, Classical Lolita and Gothic Lolita.
Sweet Lolita Fashion is a part of Lolita Fashion.This style aim to show doll-like look、childish,and nowadays Sweet Lolita Fashion become more popular in world wide.
Sweet Lolita dress material mostly in pink,light blue,white pink or other lovely color. In addition, in order to create a cute doll-like are like sweet, artless innocence of breath, Sweet line dress is often used more than any other faction of the cloth lace and folds in the clothing.


About Classical Lolita dress design like the 19th century British aristocrat girl in general,both classical and elegant,also innocent and lovely.
Classical Lolita dresses also like to choose solid color,but the solid material must have elegant decent and not dazzling colors.Except basic color like white,black,pink,blue,all sorts of fabric will be used in it.

LOL001 (1)
As to Gothic Lolita,the main color is black and white,it want to express the feeling of mysterious and death.And with more intense dark makeup.

gothic lolita dress
Also it is difficult to take apart the dark dress of Sweet Lolita with Gothic Lolita.
Above all is my personal view of Lolita Fashion, if you think there is anything wrong with it ,you can talk to me,and we can share ideas.Thank you every much.

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