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Feb 11 2015

Detective Conan

Detective Conan is a comic written by Japanese cartoonist Aoyama Gōshō. The theme of this comic is detective plot. Jimmy Kudo, a High school student detective, became a schoolboy after being poured in APTX4869 poison by the mysterious Black Organization. As a result, Jimmy Kudo had to conceal his identity to investigate the Black Organization and solve varies of cases.


Jimmy Kudo, a High school student detective, is called the savior of Japanese police or Sherlock Holmes of Heisei. One day, Jimmy Kudo went to amusement park with his girlfriend. He discovered 2 strange men in black. According to his instinct of a detective, Jimmy Kudo fellow the tracks of those 2 men until they arrived the exchange.


But one of them knocked down him and poured the APTX4869 poison into his mouth to make him to death. However, Jimmy Kudo became a child because of its side effect. In consideration of that the men in black would hurt his family and friends if they knew he was still alive, Jimmy Kudo changed his name to Edogawa Konan and lived in the house of his girlfriend, Mouri Ran. Meanwhile, he can use Mouri Ran’s father Mouri Kogorou, who was also a detective to find the men in black. To his surprise, Mouri Kogorou was a silly man. Therefore, Edogawa Konan used watch pattern tranquilizer gun to make Mouri Kogorou fall asleep, then imitated him to finish the cases. At that time, Conan got lots of good friends and tried his best to find Black Organization.

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Feb 2 2015


Naruto is the representative work of Japanese cartoonist Kishimoto Masash. Ninjia, which is concealed in dark, uses the strongest willpower and the most hardly effort to do the most confidential and the most cruel things. But under Kishimoto Masash’s pen, Ninjia becomes a job that being proud of and has a better future. Meanwhile, in his Ninjia world, every Ninjia is on their way to create their own Shinobi.


In the world of Ninjia, the comic begins with the leading character, Uzumaki Naruto as an orphan. His parents sealed the Kyuubi no Youko which attacked their village into his body. As a result, Uzumaki Naruto was cold-shouldered by villagers. Uzumaki Naruto tried his best to attract others’ interests in making tricks. Thanks to teacher Iruka’s care, his characteristic didn’t be screwy. He was a powerful and optimistic man all the way.

On the purpose of getting more approval, Uzumaki Naruto made the target to be Hokage. All the comic surrounds Uzumaki Naruto’s struggle, growth, his parteners and the fights, plots of the Ninjia world begins…


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Feb 1 2015

Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter is a comic of Japanese cartoonist Yoshihiro Togashi.

In the comic, the leading character GONFREECSS was grew up in Whale Island with aunt Mitter and grandma. Cheerful GONFREECSS had a special talent in communicating with animals. GONFREECSS didn’t have a father neither a mother. As a result, he loved aunt Mitter as his own mother. When GONFREECSS was nine years old, he got a hand from a young man in forest. According to the young man, GONFREECSS knew his own father still being alive in the world as a hunter. After managed to persuade aunt Mitter, GONFREECSS began to find him by his own. Because of his father’s job, GONFREECSS became a hunter on the purpose to follow the track of his father. Depend on this kind of belief, GONFREECSS off for his adventure. During the trip of adventure, GONFREECSS had made lots of true friends and grew up in both mental and physical. Little hunter’s wonderful life begins…


Hunter x Hunter was aperiodically published on週刊少年ジャンプ from 1998. After published, it gained lots of welcome and attention. If you have interests on Hunter x Hunter, you can have a look on lovejoynet!:)

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Feb 1 2015

Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club is a comic written by Japanese cartoonist 叶鸟ビスコ.

Ouran High School is an ultra-aristocratic school which is famous for its students’ wealth and reputation.

One day, Fujioka Haruhi, as a common people which is admitted by scholarship in high grade part, stepped into the third music classroom by accident. The third music classroom is the activity room of Host Club directed by La Parure on the purpose of pleasing the ladies.


Accidently, Fujioka Haruhi break a 8000000 yen vase. She was forced to join the Host Club for paying back debt as a factotum. However, Fujioka Haruhi had no interest at all.

But when Fujioka Haruhi took off her glasses, she was forced to make up herself and become the seventh host to serve 100 customers for repaying. However, Fujioka Haruhi had no interest in making up either.

In this way, Fujioka Haruhi had to conceal the truth about her real gender. A common female student with six aristocratic male students’ story begins…

If you are interesting about Ouran High School Host Club, you can have a look at lovejoynet!:)


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