Jan 30 2015

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan, is a homonymous cartoon adapted from the comic of いさやま はじめ. It mainly tells about that human in the wall attacking against the titan for their existence.

Attack on Titan

In 743, the titan, human’s natural enemy, appeared in the world suddenly. The remaining people escaped to a place and built up three huge walls because of the dangerous existence. People enjoyed three-year’s peace in the closed environment but sacrificed their freedom. When Eren Jäger Jaeger was ten years old, an ultra-large titan appeared and destroyed the wall by the overwhelming power, then disappeared in a second. After that, the other titans rushed in the wall, caught and fed on the human.

Eren swore that to kill all titans because his mother’s death by titan. His mind was full of hate. Two years after the destruction of the walls, Eren joined the 104th Training Army to study skills about fighting with titans. During the three years in Training Army, Eren had doughty mentality like no others. Though seeing the hell, Eren fought with titans without any hestitation. As a result, he became a member of Survey Army which he had expected for long.

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