Jan 26 2015

Classic Lolita

Classic Lolita is major in simple, restful color schemes like beige and white to express elegant mind. Classic Lolita reduces lace but has more ruffle.

1月26日 (4)

Quite as its name, Classic Lolita is the most elegant in Lolita costume. It is designed as a not only classic and elegant but also cute and naïve royal girl in 19th century’s Britain.

 1月26日 (1)

The characteristic of Classic Lolita is more concise than simple. As the result of simple, decent, elegant design, Classic Lolita is more suitable for daily dressing and being accepted by parents and public. When girls are bored with the exaggerated Sweet Lolita and the unusual Gothic Lolita, the Classic Lolita becomes their best choose automatically,

 1月26日 (2)

Interestingly, who can express the lingering charm of Classic Lolita are not young and active school girls, but those young ladies with calm temperament because of working and experience. So in the real society, people who can combine young and temperament perfectly are really numbered.

 1月26日 (3)

By the way, Lolita is different from Cos play. The former represents attitudes of life while the latter pays more attention in role modeling.

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