Jan 13 2015


Have you ever made a DIY  Lolita  bow  for your sister or lover? If  your answer is  ‘no, I am unable to make it ’, just follow us and read on to find out the simple way to make it for your loved people.

DIY Bow (1)

At first, you need prepare a piece of cloth, two ribbons and a beautiful crystal bead. The color and the length just depend on your interests, however, you need pay attention to the width.Next, folded the cloth and make the both sides aligned.

DIY Bow (2)

Thirdly, find out a line to bow the cloth and make the both sides equal.Then, we need to deal with the ribbon. Make sure the ribbon both sides are even,cross the left side are over the top and loop around and pull tight.

DIY Bow (3)

After that, you need tuck the right side under the left loop, and push it through the hole, just to make another loop. When we make the ribbon, put the cloth which we just made firstly into the hole we make.Finally, stick the crystal bead to the bow tightly.DIY Bow (4)DIY Bow (5)

OK, can you believe in these easy steps we just make a perfect bow, and you can tell you neighborhood to make it together.

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