Jan 22 2015

Dreaming Twins

Shining as the star in the night sky, curing as the dessert in the brilliant sunshine.

They are sweet; they are fragrant; also close to our breath.


Wearing sweet Lolita costume, Dreaming Twins looks quite lovely. They prefer blue and pink colors to give not only themselves but also us a sense of relaxation.

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  Blue Lolita dresses make us feel pleasant. Designers always use bowknots as decorations which attract lots of girls being crazy about it.

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  Pink Lolita dresses make us feel comfortable. The color pink, is the beginning of each girl. The color pink, is the softest part of each man. When girls are going to the bed, the will pray sincerely that, wish I have a pink dream tonight!

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  Dreaming Twins are also good at face-painting. Totally different from the daily making up, sweet Lolita face-painting also has the sense of candy. You can use bright lipstick to make your mouth like little cherry. You can use pink eye shadow to make your eyes more charming. You even can use sequins to make your face more elegant.

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  Dreaming Twins’ costumes represent the style of Sweet Love Lolita, which uses pink, blue and white lace to create the impression of dolly girls. Sweet Love Lolita is not so exaggerated that easily being accepted by public. There are also another two kinds of Lolita Styles, Elegant Gothic Lolita and Classic Lolita. Lately, I will introduce them for you. :)

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