Jan 23 2015

Gothic Lolita

Moi-même-Moitié is the most famous brand of Gothic Lolita in the world. Malice Mizer band created it in 1999 including Elegant Gothic Lolita(EGL)and Elegant Gothic Aristocrat(EGA).

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The main color of Gothic Lolita is black and white to the purpose of expressing the feeling of mysterious horror and death. Generally, Gothic Lolita uses cross silverware as decorations. Meanwhile, such things as black fingernail, eye shadow and lip color are used to emphasize mystery. The point is that, Gothic Lolita, which is to totally different from Gothic, not only has the feeling of Gothic, but also gives the public the feeling of pretty and naive as an unusual little devil.

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What attract girls most are the theme of Gothic Lolita-Horror, Naivete, Mystery, Desperation, Gloom, Death and Taboo.

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Elegant Gothic Lolita(EGL), designed to the orientation of Classic Lolita, has a little bit more feeling of vampire.

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When it comes to Elegant Gothic Aristocrat(EGA), mostly it includes Men’s clothing, long skirt, trousers, blouse with buttons in the collar and overcoat.

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What has to pay more attention is that Black Lolita is sweet style rather than Gothic style. Sweet Lolita also could be black&white or black. Black Lolita is a kind of cozy, kind and girlish Lolita with light color cosmetic and lovely decorations. To the contrary, Gothic Lolita is distinct in expressing the sense of death, horror and mystery rather then sweet. As a result, Gothic Lolita use dark color cosmetic.

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Next time I will introduce Classic Lolita for you!:)

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