Apr 7 2015

How to Maintain the Wigs

Washing the wigs is a kind of skill. When you plan to wash them, firstly you need to put the wigs in warm water (20℃-30℃ that’s the best temperature) about 3minutes. And high temperature can reduce the span of wigs. During the washing, you need to use a little of soft shampoo with manual scrub, but do not scrub too hard and put the wigs in the water too long , and the most important is that you cannot put the wigs in the washing machine.


If you don’t use the wigs for a long time, you need pay attention to the way of storage. At first, you need to clean the wigs thoroughly, and do not left any chemicals in the wigs. Before you store the wigs, you need to wait until the wigs were seasoned entirely. And the place of storage must be dry and ventilation, so that the span of wigs can last long time.

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