Apr 13 2015

How to Wear Attack on Titan Belt

There are seven steps about how to wear belt. Firstly, please wear the elastic band and let it form a cross shape, make a “Y” shape belt above the knee.


Secondly, make the two special belt on the calf and cross connection to the lap belt.


Thirdly, according to your own bust to wear the chest belt.


Fourth, put up the belt which is on both sides of the leather box and the back of your waist connection objects. You can repeat the above operation of the other side.


The five step is to be back on the device of two special belt, and cross worn on the waist.


The six step is to put on the belt which is in the one side of the belt through the button in the waist, and repeat this operation of the other side belt.


The final step is to make the thigh belts which have additional belt cross behind the hip and buckle up the two Belts. At last, check all the button and make adjustment for yourself to be comfortable.That’s all operations about how to wear the belt.


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