Apr 8 2015

How to wear the wig

How to wear the wig is very important. If you have bangs or short hair, make sure those loose hairs around your face back with bobby pins. If your hair is long, pull it straight back into a ponytail at the base of your neck. Next, using hairpins to put the hair into the ends of the ponytail to the back of your head and keep your hair as flat as possible. After that , put the wig cap on according to the package directions, ensuring that all your hair is back in the cap. Gently pull the wig cap backwards of your face from the back. This pushes all those fly away hairs backwards so that you do not see them. Then start to make the hairpins through the wig cap and put into your hair below. You need pay attention to be careful to poke yourself in the scalp. Finally put the wig on. You need put it on the way of your forehead and past you hairline. You can accord to you own head size to adjust the wig.


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