Feb 1 2015

Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter is a comic of Japanese cartoonist Yoshihiro Togashi.

In the comic, the leading character GONFREECSS was grew up in Whale Island with aunt Mitter and grandma. Cheerful GONFREECSS had a special talent in communicating with animals. GONFREECSS didn’t have a father neither a mother. As a result, he loved aunt Mitter as his own mother. When GONFREECSS was nine years old, he got a hand from a young man in forest. According to the young man, GONFREECSS knew his own father still being alive in the world as a hunter. After managed to persuade aunt Mitter, GONFREECSS began to find him by his own. Because of his father’s job, GONFREECSS became a hunter on the purpose to follow the track of his father. Depend on this kind of belief, GONFREECSS off for his adventure. During the trip of adventure, GONFREECSS had made lots of true friends and grew up in both mental and physical. Little hunter’s wonderful life begins…


Hunter x Hunter was aperiodically published on週刊少年ジャンプ from 1998. After published, it gained lots of welcome and attention. If you have interests on Hunter x Hunter, you can have a look on lovejoynet!:)

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