Jan 12 2015

Lolita History and Introduction

“Lolia” originated in a movie named 《Lolita》,and then spread to Japan.But it upended the original character style,change it into another style,it more prefer to show the cute and dignified of girls with strong sense of doll dress.
However Lolita Fashion is totally different from Cosplay. Cosplay pay attention to role playing,but to Lolita is totally different.The core is to performance girl’s cute and elegant.
And Lolita Fashion can be divided into three parts.There are Sweet Lolita, Classical Lolita and Gothic Lolita.
Sweet Lolita Fashion is a part of Lolita Fashion.This style aim to show doll-like look、childish,and nowadays Sweet Lolita Fashion become more popular in world wide.
Sweet Lolita dress material mostly in pink,light blue,white pink or other lovely color. In addition, in order to create a cute doll-like are like sweet, artless innocence of breath, Sweet line dress is often used more than any other faction of the cloth lace and folds in the clothing.


About Classical Lolita dress design like the 19th century British aristocrat girl in general,both classical and elegant,also innocent and lovely.
Classical Lolita dresses also like to choose solid color,but the solid material must have elegant decent and not dazzling colors.Except basic color like white,black,pink,blue,all sorts of fabric will be used in it.

LOL001 (1)
As to Gothic Lolita,the main color is black and white,it want to express the feeling of mysterious and death.And with more intense dark makeup.

gothic lolita dress
Also it is difficult to take apart the dark dress of Sweet Lolita with Gothic Lolita.
Above all is my personal view of Lolita Fashion, if you think there is anything wrong with it ,you can talk to me,and we can share ideas.Thank you every much.

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