Feb 2 2015


Naruto is the representative work of Japanese cartoonist Kishimoto Masash. Ninjia, which is concealed in dark, uses the strongest willpower and the most hardly effort to do the most confidential and the most cruel things. But under Kishimoto Masash’s pen, Ninjia becomes a job that being proud of and has a better future. Meanwhile, in his Ninjia world, every Ninjia is on their way to create their own Shinobi.


In the world of Ninjia, the comic begins with the leading character, Uzumaki Naruto as an orphan. His parents sealed the Kyuubi no Youko which attacked their village into his body. As a result, Uzumaki Naruto was cold-shouldered by villagers. Uzumaki Naruto tried his best to attract others’ interests in making tricks. Thanks to teacher Iruka’s care, his characteristic didn’t be screwy. He was a powerful and optimistic man all the way.

On the purpose of getting more approval, Uzumaki Naruto made the target to be Hokage. All the comic surrounds Uzumaki Naruto’s struggle, growth, his parteners and the fights, plots of the Ninjia world begins…


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